WDA | Intelligent Warehouse Storage Layout Design Solution

The First AI-Empowered Warehouse Design Solution,

Elevate productivity of designer to 10x & above, increase efficiency!

Upload a CAD, let AI-Empowered Warehouse Design Solution deliver the storage layout design,
export 2D/3D, all in just a few steps!

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About Us

We believe in listening, learning, and close collaboration with customers to achieve success in every collaboration. We customize AI solutions embedded with deep expertise in machine learning, optimization, simulation, and data-driven analytics to upskill decision making. We also built products to transform design and planning into digital twin, integrate into customer site within days.

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Our Products

Warehouse Planning Toolkit

Technology has transformed the business landscape and opend up many new challenges in warehouse planning. Internet has established global connection and accelerated e-commerce, encouraging digital transformation of business transactions.

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When Internet ordering is at fingertips, imagine how transportation and logistics providers are coping with consumer's high expectations and answering the demand of ASAP delivery.

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Welcoming the Digital Wave

Technology is transforming the world we live in. All industries are undergoing a radical change to reinvent themselves to remain competitive and adapt to the rapidly changing market. IAILabs is striving to stay on the top of the digital wave, inventing unique AI technology.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Our discipline in digital transformation strategy is taking action based on results of performance monitoring and implementing new modified results with updated plans and goals to upscale business value and impact.

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